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PROMOTIONAL POSTERS (download zip file here)

Kingsway will arrive at your facility with a sound system satisfactory for the needs of the location.  It is requested the venue provide access to (2) 20amp circuits at the proximity of the stage to accommodate the electrical needs of the equipment provided.  Kingsway may work with the facility to utilize any of the venue’s existing audio/visual resources provided it does not prohibit the integrity of Kingsway’s preferred sound, nor offer significant delay in setup or preparation time.

We ask venues provide adequate space in a high traffic area for Kingsway to sell products and materials.  It is also preferred, but not required, that the venue provide a 6 foot table for merchandise and materials to be placed on during the sales.  Kingway also requests that a dressing room be provided in a suitable location.  Beverages, snacks and other foods are not required but may be requested as discussed on a case by case basis prior to any event.